Oracle Database User Managed Backup Concept

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  • What is Oracle Database Backup

  • Why Need Oracle Database Backup

  • What Kind of Failures Can Happen to a Oracle Database

  • Oracle Database Backup Type

  • Tools for Backup and Recovery In Oracle Database

  • Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance For Backup

what is Oracle Database Backup

Oracle Database Backup is set of Data which is copy from oracle database. This copy is include a part of database such as datafiles, Control files etc. backup extension is oralin.dmp oralin.arc (here oraline is name of file)

Why Need Oracle Database Backup

To protect data loss we need backup. Backup is save gurd of database. If Database is failed or corrupts then using backup file we can restore data.


What Kind of Failures Can Happen to a Oracle Database

Physical failures: Disk drive error, memory, Or server hardware failures.
Logical failures:
Corrupt data, software, application or Operting system failures.
Networking failures:
Can’t connect another device, Network device error.
User errors:
Sometime user accidently or purposely corrupts data.
Earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding or manay other natural Disasters.

Oracle Database Backup Type


Two Different Type of Backup in Oracle Database
    1. Physical Backup
    2. Logical Backup

Physical Backup: Physical Backup is Backup the physical file of database to backup medium such as another disk, tape drive.
Logical Backup: The Logical Backup is extracts the data from database and stores to disk or tape drive.

Tools for Backup and Recovery In Oracle Database

There are different way to backup and recovery from oracle database. You can use many tools to backup and recover. You remember it which tools you use for backup database must be use same tools to recover database. Like if you backup database useing RMAN when you recover database form that backup you must use RMAN.
RMAN: Its most commonly use. Its free from oracle
exp: Its free and commonly use
expdp: its use for datapump backup. its free tools
Flashback: There are a number of different variations on the Flashback features, specific to different kinds of needs
Flashback Database
Flashback Query
Flashback Version Query
Flashback Transaction Query
Flashback Transaction
Flashback table
Flashback table drop
Manual Backup: You can write script to backup oracle database.


Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance For Backup

During your backup and recovery, you will have occasion to use the data dictionary.

 V$DATABASE: Provides basic database-related information, including the logging mode.
V$INSTANCE: Provides basic instance information
V$DATAFILE: Provides database data file information stored in the control file.
V$LOGFILE: Provides information on the individual redo log file.
V$LOG: Provides information on the redo log groups.
V$ARCHIVED_LOG: Provides archive log information from the control file.
V$LOG_HISTORY: Provides information on redo log switches in the database.
DBA_DATA_FILES: Provides data file information.
DBA_TABLESPACES: Provides information on tablespaces in the database.

desc command discribe Dictionary and view or Table

login into sqlplus / as sysdba
Then type desc dictionary

log in into sqlplus
write quary from view

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