Configure VMware Workstation Pro In Windows 10

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In This Tutorial I will show you step by step, How to configure VMware Workstation Pro for linux operating system In Windows 10.

First Download VMware Workstation pro from this link and install it.

Open VMware Workstation pro and Follow my configuration process.

Step-1: Click Home then Create a new Virtual Machine 

Step-2: Select Custom then Next 

Step-3: Select Hardware Compatibility then Next

Step-4: In that part you see three option 

Installer disk : Install operating system from DVD/CD drive.

Installer disk image file: Install operating system from ISO file.

I will install the operating system later: First I configure VMware, then I install OS, So I select this option

Step-5: Which operating system you want to install. I want to install RHEL-7 so I select Lilux

Step-6: Give your VMware Machine Name. Select Location which Location you want to store instalation file Click Browse and select folder.

Step-7: How many Processor and how many core you want to assign for this VMware.

Step-8: RAM assign for VMware

Step-9: In that part Select Network type. There are four option 

Use bridge Network: Its means you can assign lan block ip. Other computer of your lan network can access your VMware.

NAT: Its means VMware give you a IP address only you can access your VMware Network. Must be use DHCP in vmware OS.

Host only Network: Its means Host pc can access your VMware Network.

Do not use Network: No network system use.

Step-10: Select LSI then Next

Step-11: Select SCSI then Next

Step-12: Select New Virtual Disk then Next

Step-13: Maximum Disk size means Your VMware HDD Disk size. You know well how much space you need.

Step-14: Click Next

Step-15: Select Customize Hardware

Step-16: Now I select RHEL ISO image for install OS In VMware. you can select Physical drive if you want boot from DVD.

Step-17: Selected ISO File and press close button. 

Step-18: Click Finish 

Step-18: Select your Machine Name of left site and power on It.

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