Installation of RHEL-7|Centos-7|Oracle Linux -7 step by step with screenshots

In This Tutorial I will show you How to install RHEL-7.6 step by step With screenshots. All RPM Base OS(Operating System) Installation Process is almost Same. So follow My Tutorial You can able to install Centos 7 and Oracle Linux 7 too.


Bootable DVD Of RHEL-7
Bootable ISO Of RHEL-7

Installation Process

Step-1: First Boot your Machine from DVD or ISO file. Then Select Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Step-2: Select Language and Continue

Step-3: Select Date and Time

Step-4: Change Region, City,Time, Date Of your Requirement. If you have Network Connection you can use Network time Just ON Network Time Button. Then Click Done button.

Step-5: Select your Keyboard and Language Support. If you Like ENGLISH Then Default is best. You Install From Local Media like DVD or Pen drive so No Need change INSTALLATION SOURCE. Select SOFTWARE SELECTION.

Step-6: For GUI view You must SELECT SERVER WITH GUI other wise you can access only terminal. Right Side You can see some Add-ons, You select some Add-ons its depend on you.

Step-7: Sample some Add-ons

Step-8: Sample some Add-ons

Step-9: Sample some Add-ons

Step-10: After Selected Add-ons Double Click ON DONE button. 


step-12: Select your Disk, Automatically Configure Partitioning Means Automatically Create Partition and install OS. I will Configure Partitioning Means Manually Create Partition. In production system You must select this option. Or dual boot with windows you select this option. Double click on DONE

Step-13: I Create some basic Partition, you create Partition as your requirement. Must use / then write your partition name. I create /boot mount point without that OS can not boot. 

Step-14: Create Swap partition.

Step-15: Create / partition, without / Partition OS cannot install. 

Step-16: Double Click DONE Button.

Step-17: Accept Change

Step-18: Select NETWORK & HOST NAME

Step-19: Select NIC card, write your Host name. Configure your NETWORK

Step-20: Configure your IP address, Then click General tab and must check Automatically Connection.

Step-21: On your Network NIC and Click DONE.

Step-22: If Everything is OK press Begin Install. Installation process is start.

Step-23: set root password.

Step-24: Double Click DONE button after set your root password.

Step-25: Create A Normal User.

Step-26: Name your user and set password then Double click DONE Button.

Step-27: Wait Some time until all package Installation is Complete Then Reboot your system.

Step-28: Boot your system.

Step-29: Click License Information

Step-30: Scroll Down and Accept its

Step-31: Scroll Up and press Done Button

Step-32: You can Set your Host name in that part. I set my IP and Host Name Before so I ignore it.

Step-33: Finish Configuration.

Step-34: You can login into root by click not listed 

Step-35: Write user name like root and next.

Step-36: Give password and press Sing in

Step-37: Next some screen. Its show some basic information. 

Step-38: Click Start Using Red Hat Server. 

Step-39: Finally Your RHEL-7 Is ready.

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