How To Connect Linux Machine From Windows Using MobaXtrem

In this Tutorial I will Show you how to connect Linux Server from windows Operating System. I introduce  you a very popular tools call MobaXtrem. It’s has ultimate toolbox for remote computing Like X11 server, SSH client, network tools and many other.

So what are you waiting for DOWNLOAD MobaXtrem from there website or click here

MobaXtrem has two Edition HOME EDITION it’s free and PROFESSIONAL EDITION.

In this Tutorial I use HOME EDITION cause my poket is emtey

First DOWNLOAD MobaXtrem

I select Installer EDITION

Go to download location and Extract it

Now install MobaXtrem Double  click installer file and  Next 

Accept licence 

Install location

Click Install 

Click Finish 

open MobaXtrem and click session

For SSH Connection Click SSH

Give Remote Host IP, port number and press ok

Give login user name and password

You can Save password

Finally We Got it

NOTE: In Left Site Click arrow Button You found all Save Sessions. 

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