How To Remotely Configure local yum server in RHEL-7 step by step from windows machine with screenshots.

In This tutorial I will show you how to create local yum server in RHEL-7 step by step with screenshots. 

Basic overview of yum server
YUM stands for Yellow Dog Updater Manager its default package management utility in RHEL/Centos Linux. Yum is used to search, install, update and remove necessary rpm files from system.
  • RHEL-7 ISO File or RHEL-7 DVD
  • MobaXterm
  • Minimum 4Gb space on / partition

Why you Need Yum Server

In RMP Base Operating System to install or remove package easily you need Yum server. Most of the time in production environment Oracle Database Server Don’t use internet for security purpose so if you want install or remove package you need it.

If you don’t Know what is MobaXterm and how its work please see my this Tutorial

Lets start with me and configure your First yum server 

Step-1: Mount your RHEL-7 DVD or ISO (right click on ISO file) file now you see packages folder is there we need that folder. Copy packages folder to other location and zip(normal zip Do not use zip software) it.

Step-2: Now open MobaXterm and connect root user in Linux (RHEL-7) server from your windows pc.

Step-3: Create directory for yum server. This directory will be used to store all RPM package. In this tutorial we use /yumserver directory. Go to directory location.

  • [root@oralin ~]# mkdir /yumserver
  • [root@oralin ~]# cd /yumserver/
  • [root@oralin yumserver]# pwd


Step-4: Click left site Sftp icon and check follow terminal folder. click upload to current folder and upload package zip file to /yumserver Directory. 

Step-5: Now unzip it and go to Packages directory.

  • [root@oralin yumserver]# unzip
  • [root@oralin yumserver]# cd Packages

Step-6: Check createrepo package install or not if not install please install it first.

  • [root@oralin Packages]# rpm -qa|grep createrepo
  • rpm -Ivh createrepo-0.9.9-28.el7.noarch

Step-7: Now create Repo for yum server. Make sure it first Now you stay in Packages Directory

  • [root@oralin Packages]# pwd  (To see present working Directory)
  • [root@oralin Packages]# createrepo -v . 


Step-8: Now go to /etc/yum.repos.d Directory and create file called localyum.repo and open it. I use vim editor its default editor. 

  • [root@oralin Packages]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  • [root@oralin yum.repos.d]# vim localyum.repo

Step-9: Write Below line in this file. For write on file press i then you see it turn on insert mode. Now you can write on file.



name = yumserver

baseurl = file:///yumserver/Packages

enabled = 1

gpgcheck = 0


Prease Esc button on your keyboard and save it. for save it write “:x” and press Enter (remove ” “)

Note: Here Name is your yumserver name baseurl is your package location

Step-10: Now its time to check it. 

  • [root@oralin yum.repos.d]# yum repolist

If you see your local yum server. Congress You Make your local yum server. 

yum server used Basic command 

For install packge # yum install vsftpd -y (here vsftpd is packge name, -y is your confermation)

Remove packge# Yum remove vsftpd -y

update# yum update

Clean# yum clean all

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